The Do’s and Dont’s of Real Estate Listing Presentations

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Making a listing presentation is nerve-racking for most people. Most times, it doesn’t even matter if you have been presenting listings to prospective sellers for a day or years. According to NAR realtor, over 80% of people make their listings on their websites. But, it does not mean that you can avoid presenting listings to your prospective clients and waiting for them to either say yes or no.

So, below are some useful tips you can use which are the do’s and dont’s in listing presentations.

The Do’s of Real Estate Listing Presentations

Before focusing on the dont’s that you should follow strictly, here are the do’s that will help you.


Do all your research

When you show up for a real estate listing presentation, you want your prospective client to feel and believe that you have full and adequate knowledge of the property. While it is important to dress well like a professional and impress your client, all of that is needless if you do not have adequate information about the property.

Information like the year the property was built, garage, acreage, square footage, number of rooms in the property, and exterior and interior information of the property are all important. Additionally, you should know the estimation of the value of the property which can aid the prospective client in making their decision. To help, you can create a comparative market analysis (CMA) which will show numbers and how other properties in the area are worth.


Do show why you are the best for the job

Another important thing you should do during a real estate listing presentation is to show your prospective clients why you are the best for the job. Explaining things about the property and dressing well is not just enough, you must also sell yourself.

You can show how you are the best for the job by using data, client testimonials, and reviews to show other properties you have helped sell. You can also share why you decided to get into the real estate market in the first place. People love a good story and proof so you have to show your prospective clients that.


Do Ask for a Follow-Up Meeting

Some people do not want to impose by asking for a follow-up meeting. But, asking your prospective client in a follow-up meeting will keep you at the front of their mind and it also makes them aware that they should reach a decision quickly.

Do offer suggestions to your clients

To impress your clients, it helps you to offer suggestions to your clients during your real estate listing presentations. You can share useful ideas about how they can improve their property value through repainting, remodeling, etc. You can also hire a professional photographer who will take professional pictures of the property which will help your client sell their homes.


The Don’ts of Real Estate Listing Presentations

These are some things you should avoid doing during your real estate listing presentation


Don’t assume that all your clients are the same

While working on your real estate listing presentation you should keep it at the back of your mind that no two clients are the same. It is often advisable that you have a bit of information about your prospective client which can help you know their pain point and exactly how you can carry out your real estate listing presentation in a way that appeals to them.

For instance, the reason why your prospective client wants to sell their property differs for each of them. One client may be interested in selling their property because they got divorced and wants to split the profit from it. Another may be interested in selling because they are moving to a different place. Putting these into consideration will help you with your real estate listing presentation. So, do not assume that all the clients are the same and that they have the same reason for being interested in selling.


Don’t be distracted while doing your real estate listing presentation

Refuse to be distracted during your real estate listing presentation. Do not constantly look at the files during the presentation, answer phone calls, or space out. Refuse to let other things stay at the forefront of your mind during your presentation. When you are distracted or you show off that you are not committed during the presentation, it will make your prospective client feel like you will not place them as a priority when you work with them.


Don’t use jargon that your client won’t understand

Avoid the use of jargon or terms during your real estate listing presentation that your client will not understand. Some people may think that using jargon and real estate industry terms or abbreviations will make them sound authoritative and professional. Some clients that come to you have no idea, they are not experts like you are. Explain important concepts to them. Speak to a layman. The words you use during your real estate listing presentation should be easy for them to understand. Do not be intimidating to your prospective client. Not all clients will point out that they do not understand what you are talking about. So, be mindful so that you do not end up losing clients.

Don’t talk badly about your competitors

It is unprofessional to talk badly about your competitors to your prospective client. You do not have to agree with the tactics and pricing your competitors are using, but speaking negatively about them does not reflect well on you as a professional. So, you should try to convince your prospective client that you are the best person for them, show them proof, and not focus on tainting your competitor’s reputation.

Final Thoughts

All the tips listed here are important and they are what you should and should not do during your real estate listing presentation. Throughout your presentation, even when it is your first time, remember and know that you are a professional who can get the job done so even when you do not get a yes, you did well.

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