The Best Ways to Invest in Nigerian Real Estate.

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Nigerian real estate is a booming sector and it is continually growing because more people have found the need to invest in it. According to Business day, Nigeria is one country in the whole of Africa that has the highest level of real estate investment. So, knowing that the Nigerian real estate sector is lucrative, you may be wondering how you can start investing in it. You can do so by:

Purchasing properties for rent

One of the most lucrative ways you can invest in Nigerian real estate is by purchasing properties for rental income. In doing this, you have to consider the location of the buildings you want to purchase and the infrastructure available. The properties you purchase, you can rent them out as a house, office space for people interested, using them as commercial buildings, etc. This will guarantee you a steady flow of income and make you gain capital appreciation over time which will make you gain your return on investment. When setting out the rent, you should put into consideration what your tenant will benefit from your property and the rent, there should be money available to maintain that property.

Land Investment

Another profitable way of investing in Nigerian real estate is by buying land, especially in areas that are rapidly developing. Land appreciates over time and it is possible to profit thrice or more of the amount that you initially invested in buying that land. Do not just invest in any land, when you are choosing land to buy consider the transportation networks available to that land, how close it is to the big cities, and government development plans. Considering all these are important especially if you want to make a profit from it.

Real estate development

Getting into real estate development is a profitable way you can invest in the Nigerian real estate sector. What you do here is to buy land which you can develop by building on it, then sell it to people interested in buying it and getting substantial profit for it. Most people find it difficult to invest in the Nigerian real estate industry this way because it involves making use of huge capital which most people need access to.

Before buying land to develop, you should conduct market research to know the areas or locations that have high demands from people for a specific type of property. So, before developing a particular property ask yourself if at the location you are considering people are looking for residential homes, commercial spaces, apartments, etc. when you answer these questions, it will help you to ensure that your development plans align with the market preferences in that area and you will be sure to make your profit.

Real estate investment trusts (REITs)

These are financial instruments used to invest in real estate developments by combining the money of numerous investors. This means that you can start your real estate investment by getting in touch with other real estate investors and combining resources. You can diversify your real estate holdings without having to directly own any property by investing in REITs.  It is better that before you get into this in Nigeria that you look into Nigerian REITs and pick those with a solid track record and asset portfolio. This will help you ensure that you do not make mistakes in the REITs you choose.

Joint ventures and partnerships

Many people are embracing the idea of getting into joint ventures and partnerships with other real estate investors. Here, joining forces with regional investors or developers will provide you with access to their networks and skills which will make the real estate investment profitable. Besides this, you both get to share the profit, risks, and losses associated with the investment which means people involved will put in their best effort to ensure the projects are successful. To ensure compatibility and safeguard your interests, establish specific agreements with the help of lawyers and perform due diligence on prospective partners. You do not want to invest your money in a real estate investment joint venture or partnership only to lose it because due diligence was not carried out.

Platforms for real estate crowdfunding

Online resources for real estate crowdfunding may make it possible to invest in Nigerian real estate with less money upfront. Investigate reliable crowdfunding sites that concentrate on Nigerian real estate, and evaluate the caliber of their initiatives and the openness of their business practices before you join it. Previously, people were skeptical about crowdfunding but it has proven profitable and useful over time. When you get into real estate crowdfunding, it is easier for you to spend little money on the capital you invest in the property because there will be several other people in the crowdfunding. So, capital is equally shared among you all and you can get profit for your money.

Vacation rentals and hospitality

With Nigeria’s tourism industry expanding, it may be advantageous to invest in vacation homes, hotels, Airbnb, or other hospitality-related properties. When deciding to get into real estate investment to enter the vacation rentals and hospitality area you should choose well-known tourist sites or up-and-coming hotspots, then build or buy properties there to meet the rising demand for lodging. You have to put in your resources to ensure that the property is beautiful with a good standard of services to draw in visitors.

Final Thoughts

There are several good ways available for you to invest in the Nigerian real estate industry and be sure to make the profit that you want down the line. Depending on your capital and the profit you want to see, you should consider any of these methods to invest. Before choosing any of these methods, ensure that it is a method that you like, you have a full understanding and you will be able to make your profit. Real estate is a good opportunity for you to increase your source of income and make a profit. So, get right into it today.

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