Best Locations to Buy a Home in South Africa

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South Africa has a reputation for high standard housing, with different beautiful housing styles. Whether you like country life, suburb style, or you want to live in a bubbling industrial area, South Africa has it all.

Your choice of location of where to buy a home in South Africa is dependent on the type of area you want to live in, your budget, security, and nearness to basic amenities like stores and schools. This article is a compilation of the best locations to buy a home in South Africa.

  1. Cape town

The legislative capital, Cape Town, can be said to be the most beautiful city in South Africa and one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Cape Town is a coastal city in South Africa so, your home is sure to have a breath-taking view of the ocean and beaches. This city has favorable weather that stays mild throughout the year. It also has a relatively lower cost of living and a sense of vibrancy. The people in Cape Town are friendly and speak clear English. There is a large selection of houses for sale, with different types, sizes, and costs to suit just what you need. The beauty of Cape Town is experienced in full when you buy a home there.

  1. Pretoria

This list of best locations to buy a house in South Africa would not be complete without mentioning the administrative capital of South Africa, Pretoria. This city has a well-planned layout and good road networks for ease of moving around. Pretoria is a quiet city with natural and cultural heritage and attractions. The city is safe to live in with low crime rates. The weather in Pretoria features raining hot summers and cool winters. Life in Pretoria is calm and generally slow-paced. Homes on the real estate market in Pretoria are diverse, with a wide price range to suit your budget.

  1. Johannesburg

Johannesburg (also known as Jo’burg or Jozi) is the largest city in South Africa. This modern city is known for its buzzing and fast-paced nature. It is also the arts and museum center of South Africa. Unlike major cities in the world, Johannesburg is not stuffy. Despite the buzz and vibe of the city, Jo’burg is a safe place to live with friendly people. Most properties in Johannesburg are on the high-end side, but there are some mid-range and low-end houses to fit your budget. Johannesburg is one of the best locations to buy a home in South Africa.

  1. Port Elizabeth

Port Elizabeth, now known as Gqeberha defines what it means to live with the ocean as your neighbor. The beaches along Algoa Bay are stunning, with the option of many activities like fishing, surfing, sailing, scuba diving, and snorkeling. The weather in Port Elizabeth is cool and windy all year round. This city also houses wildlife destinations and museums. Port Elizabeth has the friendliest people in South Africa and is nicknamed the ‘Friendly City’ by visitors and locals. Lifestyle in Port Elizabeth is affordable to most people. Whatever home style/type, size, and price range you are looking for, you will find at Port Elizabeth city.

  1. Greater Sandton

Greater Sandton is a city at the heart of South Africa’s economic powerhouse, Gauteng. It is the center of businesses and busyness in South Africa. Greater Sandton houses the entertainment complex, Montecasino, natural and wildlife parks, and art galleries. So, living in Greater Sandton means that you’ll never run out of places to sightsee. While the city is a metropolitan city, it is still considered a relatively affordable location to buy a house and live. Apartment houses, townhouses, freestanding houses, and many more are your choice options in Greater Sandton with a broad price range. Greater Sandton makes you come alive; this makes it a great location to buy a home.

  1. Umhlanga

Umhlanga is a town on the eastern coast of South Africa. In Umhlanga, you get a mixture of a traditional and modern vibe. This town is in a constant holiday and celebratory mode, making it a beautiful place to own a home and live. Umhlanga is safe and has a low crime rate. There are high-, low-, and middle-end properties in Umhlanga, you are spoilt for a choice that suits your budget. If you want to live in a town that gives a year-long holiday vibe, then Umhlanga is the right location to buy a home.

  1. East London

East London is a city in South Africa that shares borders with the Indian Ocean in the Eastern Cape. As a coastal city, East London has stunning beaches and a forest valley. Even though it looks like an industrial city, East London retains the quiet ocean life in many parts. Lifestyle is affordable and safe to live. The transport system is superb in the city with good road network systems. The people of East London city are friendly to live with. The weather is cool in winter and warm in summer. East London properties are in a broad range of types, sizes, and prices.

  1. Pietermaritzburg

This city is the capital and one of the largest cities in KwaZulu-Natal province. Pietermaritzburg is a beautiful city that houses the country’s National Botanical gardens. It is called the city of flowers with azaleas and roses found across the city. Beautiful butterflies are a sight to behold in this city. The weather in this city is mostly warm all year round. Pietermaritzburg is a growing industrial and residential center and one of the best places to buy a home. Home properties range from Victorian homes to traditional, and recently, more modern homes. Pietermaritzburg is a great location for a quiet, countryside city lifestyle.

This list encompasses the best locations to buy a home in South Africa, whether you are looking for a buzzing industrial area or quiet countryside.

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