What to Do Before Putting Your Properties on Sale

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Selling your home is a big step. It will not only be draining but also time-consuming, and if you are a novice at selling properties, you may find it even more challenging. It may begin to seem like a home invasion when several prospective buyers are trooping into your home to view your private spaces, your kitchen, cupboards, etc. However, if you have decided to sell or rent out your property, you need to detach yourself emotionally to avoid making an emotional decision in such a complex transaction.

It is not big news about the length of the selling process, from putting your house on the market to the time spent on the market without making a sale. On average, a house will stay on the market for about 20 days before a sale is made and 90 days before the asking price drops. 

You can manage the complexities and risks of a property sale with little know-how. Read on to find out the five essential things you need to do before putting your properties up for sale and when and how to go about a property sale in Africa to enjoy the best sales experience.

Clean, declutter, and renovate as needed.

To declutter properly, evaluate the property from room to room instead of a whole unit. This will help you see the unnecessary items that have been accumulated over time and do not add to the sale value of your property. Decluttering is not just for your sale preparation, but it will also help you minimize the amount of junk you move into your new home with. But decluttering your property is not enough. You also need to clean your home before putting it on the market, whether for rent or for sale. You should also keep it clean during the period that it is on the market. Focus on carpets, blinds, doors, fans, etc., and other attached household appliances. Dust all over, remove cobwebs, and clean surfaces like the kitchen counters, fireplace mantle, etc.

Don’t forget the repairs; doors, door handles, light fittings, etc. Repaint dulled-out walls and surfaces, and repair the bathroom fixtures and drainage. Don’t forget the exterior of the house as well; pay attention to the garden, garage, front porch, lawn, etc.

All of this may cost some money, but don’t be alarmed. Remember what the world’s most successful business people say about using money to make money? To get the best value for your house, you will need to make sure everything looks suitable, stylish, presentable, and just right.

Decide on Your Sale Season

What would you consider the best time of the year to sell a property? We will consider the seasons of the year. During the rainy and wet seasons, most people will be less willing to step out, and that means fewer home buyers will come out to view your beautiful home. The prospective buyers and renters that do come will do so because the rainy season is the best time to check for any leakages or floods in the house. So, you have to ensure your property is well built and structured against leakage and flood. 

If you are tempted to sell your house during the holiday season, remember that people will be less interested in searching for houses and instead be more focused on spending quality time with their families. 

You can choose the dry season when most people will be willing to go house shopping. Based on market statistics, the rainy and dry seasons are usually a great time to place your house on the market because that is the period when most families are willing to make huge changes. 

Choose a real estate agent.

It is usually not a great idea to try to sell your property by yourself without the help of a professional real estate agent. Many people in Africa don’t like to engage the services of a real estate agent in the sales process because real estate agents charge a commission that is usually about 10% of the total value of the sale. However, when you compare this cost with the risk, you will see that it is much better to engage the services of a real estate agent than to handle it by yourself. Real estate laws in Africa can be tricky and differ from country to country. A real estate agent understands how the law works and will ensure all boxes are ticked to get your sale off the ground in no time. 

A real estate agent is more experienced in the selling and negotiation processes. These professionals understand the property market more than anyone else and ensure you get the best offer for your property. They also ensure the buying and renting process is done as quickly as possible, as this means they get their commission on time. To get the most out of the sales process, it is best to pick an experienced real estate agent that you can trust.

Take pride in your home.

As much as you want to place the highest price on your property, you need to consider a proper valuation of the property before putting a price on it. Market value plays a great factor in the valuation process, as well as the region or location where the property is located. This property valuation process can be stressful and confusing, so you should allow your real estate agent to handle this aspect of the sales process. As the seller, it is advised that you don’t assume that the calculated value of the property is going to be the asking price. This is because other factors like negotiation, overall economic condition, etc., often affect the final sale or rental price of the property. 

After thorough valuation and deciding on your asking price, you can then put your property up for sale on the right platform

There is much analysis on the right time to sell your home in Africa considering the effects of the pandemic and the economy, but regardless, the real estate market in different countries in Africa has grown exponentially in the past year. There is much to gain from selling or renting your property if you follow the steps mentioned above. Taking the tips in this article into consideration, it may seem like a lot of work to fulfill these before a sale. You should think of it as getting the best value for home sitting your property in all the years that you have had it before selling. You can also get more information on real estate in Africa here.

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