Things You Should Check When Viewing a House

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As a potential home or property owner, the excitement to finally purchase a new house or property can be out of this world; this excitement often makes an individual buy a property that they regret later on because they did not consider certain things.

According to a recent survey by Home Light, 70% of new homeowners have at least one regret. You don’t want to be among these statistics, and you don’t want to get blindsided by how beautiful a property looks that you fail to look out for certain things when viewing your property. This blog post will tell you the essential things you should look out for so that you don’t end up making a mistake while purchasing, and they are:

1 The plumbing

Many new homeowners had spent a considerable amount of money repairing the plumbing fixtures of a property because they failed to check it when they were viewing the house. It is the first thing that needs to be viewed because it affects how you enjoy the home and access to water and everything else.

Sinks, baths, showers, etc., should work properly, and when you notice damp spots around those places or moldy silicones, you should draw the agent’s attention to it so that they can fix it or you look for another property.

2 Lights

No one wants to move into a property or an area where there is no light because the transformer isn’t working or there are connection issues. I know you will want a home with access to electricity and you should look out for that.

Additionally, the lights in the house should be working perfectly. Take the time to flick the switches in the house, and know if the sockets in the house are enough or if more needs to be added for you.

3 Look at the walls

You should look at the walls of the house, especially if you have in mind to repaint them. Textured walls mean more money to repaint, but smooth walls don’t need so much. There could also be large cracks on the walls, which shows that there are issues and could sometimes be due to structural cracks.

If you notice too many damp spots, molds that seem to get bigger, paints that are peeling excessively, and the ceilings discoloring, know that the home could have leaks that have to be fixed or damp issues that have to be sorted out if you are still interested in the property.

4 Look at the floor

Some properties have tiled floors, while others have wooden floors, which should be looked at when deciding to go for a particular property. If the house has wooden floors, you need to know how it is maintained and if any pests eat the wood. You don’t want to buy or rent a home infested with pests.

Alternatively, if the property has tiled floors, watch out for cracks on the tiles, and if you have in mind to retile the property, check how much it will cost you to do that so you will be prepared.

5 View the exterior

By viewing the property’s exterior, you can know if you want to purchase it and how much it will cost to maintain it. While at it, ensure that there are no cracks on the walls or damages that will cost you much to fix if you decide to go with the property. It isn’t lousy to ask the agent how old the building is and the estimate of how it was maintained.

6 Look at the roof and windows

Windows are often expensive to replace though it is a little easier to repair if the problem only needs repairing. It is why you should take the time to look at them. Open and close them. Know the direction the sunlight is coming in from, how warm your house will be based on the direction of your window, how dark it could be, etc.

Also, the roof of the house should not be leaking. Imagine moving into a house, and when it is raining, you have to think about moving properties so that it doesn’t get wet. It can be unpleasant considering how much you paid for the house. So, ensure that the roof does not have any possibility of leaking and causing any damage or dripping in your home.

7 Know how the area is

No one wants to move into a new place where they are uncomfortable or regret their decision to rent a place or buy that house. To avoid regrets, you should check out the area you decide to buy that property.

Certain things like how easily accessible a school is if you have kids. It would be best if you also thought about what the public transportation system is like in case you need to take it, and how far it is from your home. Also, how close is the market or convenience store, hospitals in cases of emergencies, church or mosque? All these should be factored in when viewing that property.

8 Check the parking space

If you have a vehicle, you must ensure that the property has a garage or a good parking space for you. Even when you don’t have a vehicle, you still need it for when you will buy one or use it as a storage room. You may decide to sell the property later on, and that added garage can be just what you need to fix a higher fee for a potential buyer.

9 Does it have storage space?

You shouldn’t overlook your house having a storage room to put the things you are not using immediately. It can also be a great space to store your food items for when you need to use them. A house not having this room may not influence you if you aren’t interested. But, it is an excellent addition to your house.

Final thoughts

The things listed here should be well considered when viewing a property, you want to make your home. These things could influence your decision, especially if you don’t want to spend extra money fixing or renovating the home.

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